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In vivo experimental platform


The different fields of activity of GIN are concerned by experiments from the in vivo Experimental Platform.

The overall goal of these experimental works is to link basic research and applications in human medicine in order to better understand the functioning of cells, either normal or cancerous. It is essential in the scientific approach to resort to animals in order to validate in vivo data revealed in vitro and in silico. Moreover, though alternative methods have been developed, the use of animal models is still vital for most of the subjects that the Institute of Neurosciences deals with.

The rodent behavioral platform of Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience (GIN) is dedicated to study behavior of rats and mice to support scientists in their projects in neuroscience and life science.
The platform offer consultancy and equipment to study behavior. The platform has developed a battery of tests for rodents. These tests include phenotyping, analyses of sensory responses, motor abilities, memories, affective and cognitive functions.
This platform is funded by the GIN and the Grenoble Excellence in neurodegeneration (GREEN). The GREEN is supported by the University of Grenoble Alpes (UGA). GREEN is a part of the network of Centers of Excellence in Neurodegeneration (COEN). The rodent behavioral platform is dedicated to GIN teams and collaboration. It is also opened to both academic scientific community and private companies.


The care and use of animals (mice, rats, primates) is in full compliance with the National and European Regulation on the Protection of Vertebrate animals used for scientific purposes (Directive 2010/63; Decree 2013-118). Special attention is paid to animal welfare with the implementation of an Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee.
Experiments on animals are regulated by a National Charter, formulated by the National Committee of ethical reflection on animal experimentation (CNREEA).


Ever since it was set up in 2007, GIN adopted an Ethics Committee approved by the Ministry in charge of ensuring that animal experiments are limited to those that are strictly necessary and that they take into consideration the fact that animals are sentient beings, subject to pain and with species-specific physiological and behavioral needs.

More informations about the GIN ethics committee


Submitted on February 14, 2024

Updated on April 8, 2024