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Internships L3 Sciences et Technologie, Mention Sciences de la Vie (UGA)

The GIN is a public research laboratory within the university. One of its missions is to train students, including their 3rd year « technician » placements to give them insight into a professional environment and a better idea of the sort of work they may be able to do after graduation.

General Organisation

The GIN’s main aim is to gain knowledge in the field of Neurosciences; there is no commercial activity. It is not a business. During their third year placements students will be able to follow certain experiments and visit the different parts of the Institute. There will be presentations and discussions to explain the various occupations needed for running a research institute and students will have a chance to talk to numerous members of the staff (technicians, engineers, researchers, teachers, administrators).

Each student will join a specific research team, with a specific scientific project. He/she will have a personal mentor who will evaluate the trainee’s investment according to specified criteria. The examination board will decide on the mark obtained by the student.

Choosing the students

The GIN will accept 10-15 3rd year trainees. Candidates must send (directly to the teamleader) a CV and cover letter to explain why they want to come to the GIN.

How to apply?

Applications must be made by sending an email to the team leader (see their contact on the GIN website).

  1. Acceptance (or refusal) will be sent directly by the team leader.
  2. Acceptance will be validated once all the partners sign the work placement agreement.

To prepare your application, here are the main points that will be required (please use your University e-mail address ; email UGA):

  • Your CV
  • The reasons why you would like to work with one of these 3 groups
  • Your university transcripts

It's better to limit to 2 the number of  GIN's research teams you contact.

Coming to the GIN


For internships (master, license), send an email directly to the manager of the team you have identified.

For a spontaneous application for a job, use the contact form.

Submitted on February 8, 2024

Updated on February 8, 2024