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CARMEN: Consciousness Attention Mental Representation

The working group "Consciousness" a multidisciplinary community, mainly regional, associates experts in Humanities, Cognitive science, Biological & Medical sciences and Modelling.

The study of consciousness is considered as a "hard" problem. What is to be conscious? The complexity of consciousness studies justifies a multidisciplinary approach, which includes not only Neurosciences, Cognitive psychology, Neuropsychology but also Philosophy.

Program 2018-2019

For 2018-2019, we have chosen a thematic study on the States of Consciousness. The goal is to define, identify and study the states of consciousness and propose some elements to lighten some central questions: What a state of consciousness is? Are there different states of consciousness and if they exit, what are the characteristics that differentiate them? Can we identify some common properties that characterize the category of "state of consciousness"?

In addition, the typology of the states of consciousness raises the question of their biological support and then the relation between brain and consciousness. More precisely, how brain matter may produce the states of consciousness and how the cartography of the state of consciousness is related to the cerebral map?

One day seminar "the consciousness in all its states", sponsored by par l’IXXI, the 14th of November 2019 based on the preparatory material produced by our group has gatered a large community of researchers, mainly from Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, interested in this topic, and stimulated multidisciplinary exchanges and bring new light on this questioning.

Next meetings

We have monthly mettings at GIN. To participate, contact or

  • 16 mai de 13h30 à 15h30
  •  20 juin de 13h30 à 15h30
  •  8 juillet de 14h à 18h

Current members

  • Manik Bhattacharjee (TIMC)
  • Chantal Delon-Martin (GIN)
  • Michel Dojat (GIN)
  • Yves Goldberg (GIN)
  • Christian Graff (UGA-LPNC)
  • Etienne Hugues (GIN)
  • Thomas Christen (GIN)
  • Anne Laurencon (ENS, Lyon)
  • Lydia Oujamaa (CHU St Etienne)
  • Karin Pernet-Gallay (GIN)
  • Denis Perrin (UGA-PPL)
  • Laurent Vercueil (GIN-CHUGA)

Submitted on February 6, 2024

Updated on February 6, 2024