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PIC-GIN Platform


The photonic imaging center PIC-GIN provides imaging equipment and proficiency to help develop your scientific projects in neuroscience and life science.

Several photonic microscopy techniques are available to study molecules, organelles, cells, whole organisms, healthy and/or diseased tissues at various scales.

The photonic imaging center PIC-GIN is labeled IBiSA, as it is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment essential to the research projects developed in the Grenoble Institute for Neuroscience and abroad.

This platform is part of the Multidimensional Functional Microscopy Technology Network RTMFM, and a member of the GDR Imabio.

The PIC GIN research engineers are available to assist you for the duration of your projects. Please contact us at :

Available equipment

- a straight widefield microscope (Nikon)
- a widefield videomicroscope with incubation chamber (Zeiss/Roper)
- a widefield videomicroscope equiped with FRAP (Leica /Roper)
- a widefield  microscope/TIRF (Nikon/Roper
- a Spinning Disk microscope TIRF/ FRAP/LIVE SR (Zeiss/Roper)
- a confocal microscope TCS SPE (Leica)
- a confocal microscope LSM 710/Airyscan (Zeiss)
- a two-photon microscope LSM7MP (Zeiss)
- an Axioscan slide scanner (Zeiss)
- a Lightsheet microscope (LaVision Biotec)
- a 2D STED nanoscope (Abberior)
- Stereology microscopy (MBF Bioscience)
- an analysis room equiped with IMARIS, ZEN, METAMORPH softwares

> More information about PIC-GIN equipment


Platform organization

+ Lightsheet room: 3/022
+ Analysis room: 2/025
+ LEICA video room: 3/033
+ STEDYCON room: 3/031
+ Stereology room: 3/024


Internal rules

Internal rules define the safety and discipline rules to be followed on the platform. These rules are applicable to all users.

Download the internal rules of PIC-GIN (pdf - in french)



Platform service paiement is required to ensure equipment maintenance. The PIC-GIN platform is also accessible to private laboratories.


Publications rules

This document can help you to define the positioning of the PIC’s engineers in publications that require their contribution. It is based on international and national recommandations (Inserm / CNRS) regarding the criteria that define the quality of an author. This document is not intended to define a directive framework but to recall the usual rules.

Read the publications rules

Team members

Yasmina Saoudi
Ingénieur de Recherche Inserm, équipe Direction

Sara Yjjou
Ingénieur d'études UGA, équipe Direction

Office: 3/066
Phone: 04 56 52 05 74
Platform: 3/031
Phone: 04 56 52 05 78

Account creation

It is necessary to create an Ilab account to use PIC Platform. It allows you to request training and do reservation.

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Submitted on February 14, 2024

Updated on April 8, 2024