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From TIMC and GIN to the creation of the startup THE ELEMENT Biotechnology


Le 23 mai 2024

Présentation par Awatef Ben Tahar (The Element SA)

The focus of this presentation will concern the introduction of the startup THE ELEMENT Biotechnology, now hosted at GIN, and which is developing breakthrough technology aimed to treat neurodegenerative diseases, providing an improved quality of life for patients. Initially, I will provide background on the valorization project that led to the creation of a Medtech startup originating from the University of Grenoble Alpes. Subsequently, I will outline our ongoing research, areas of specialization, and the projects we are currently engaged in. Lastly, I will address the remaining challenges we encounter and underscore the importance of collaboration between researchers and industry stakeholders in advancing Deeptech projects.

Awatef Ben Tahar est invitée par Véronique Coizet et Emmanuel Barbier.


Le 23 mai 2024
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