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Structure of a research center

What is a research center? How does it work?

A research center is composed of several research teams of variable sizes, each of which has its own study unit, but in a common field and with a common strategy.

A solid organization has been set up to enable these teams to work effectively, and without which nothing would be possible. This organization composed of “facilitators” is crucial to ensure research progress.

Administrative team

This team is composed of administrators in charge of human, physical and financial resources, of health and safety specialists and, finally, of individuals in charge of the transfer and promotion of researches at the Institute. The leader of this team is the director of the Institute.

High-tech platforms

These platforms group all of the technology devices used internally by research teams, but they are also accessible to external teams. There are four of them in the GIN: PIC-GIN for light microscopy, IRMaGe for methodological development and for the application of NMR imaging in Neuroscience, Electronic Microscopy and in vivo Experimentation.

Scientific personnel

In the laboratory, scientific research is conducted by researchers, but also by clinicians, research engineers, technicians and interns, organized in research teams. At the GIN, each of these 13 teams focuses on a specific theme related to Neuroscience.

Submitted on February 5, 2024

Updated on February 5, 2024