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Pint of Sciences Festival

The Pint of Science Festival is a yearly event that takes place in 9 countries. It was set up for two days in Grenoble in May 2015 in order for researchers and the public to meet up and exchange their views on science. This concept, created in London in 2013, aims to discover science while enjoying a drink in a relaxed atmosphere.

The first edition in Grenoble took place in the Eyes Café, rue Saint Joseph, the Café à l’affût, rue Très Cloîtres and in the L’Atypik restaurant, place Edmond Arnaud. The goals of this meeting are to remove science from the laboratories and open up research discussions with the public. Once the scientific topic has been introduced by a volunteer researcher, a discussion starts over a drink with beginners, apprentices, experts and all persons interested in learning new things about science.

Two GIN researchers had the possibility to contribute to the implementation of this event. Anne-Cécile Chiollaz, a pharmacist and a Ph.D. student in neuroscience at the GIN was a member of the organization team. Antoine Depaulis, the Inserm Research Director at the GIN, next to the comedian Balthazar Daninos (“Les Ateliers du Spectacle”), introduced the topic “Neurons applaud”, which explained how neurons synchronize their activity.

“Three places for three accessible and non-technical topics presented by volunteers performing to a sell-out audience” says Anne-Cécile Chiollaz. The Pint of Science in Grenoble expects to be present every year to offer new themes and motivate new scientists.

Submitted on February 5, 2024

Updated on February 5, 2024