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Brain Awareness Week

As a crossroads for meeting, exchange and discovery, the Brain Awareness Week is a key yearly international event, which offers the public the opportunity to understand the human brain and its interactions. In France, this event, which takes place in March, already concerns more than 30 cities.

A local group of scientists in Grenoble in charge of communication and culture join up to propose various interactions between scientists and the public in several cultural places in Grenoble (schools, theaters, cinemas, libraries, research institutes, CHU, Radio). The Brain Awareness Week is the chance to understand knowledge and progress in relation with the brain and associated pathologies. It also gives researchers the opportunity to talk about the essential investigative techniques for their profession.

Enjoy unusual events in unique spaces, like the drone piloting experiment via brain electrical activity you can see in this 2015 Edition! These multiple formats, combined with a multidisciplinary approach with art & science exhibits and readings, are what makes the Grenoble edition so successful.

During this week dedicated to the brain, the Institute of Neuroscience has a leading role in organizing events with other institutes, such as the Psychology and Neurocognition Laboratory (LPNC), the GIPSA-lab, the Albert Bonniot Institute (IAB) and the Grenoble University Hospital Center (CHUG). With a view to promote technical and scientific culture, this group also operates the blog, hosted on the Echosciences website, and under the leadership of the Center of Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture of Grenoble (CCSTI La Casemate), upon the request of the Grenoble-Alpes Métropole. The goal of this website is “to discuss current knowledge on the brain, talk about this topic and ask questions together”.

Submitted on February 5, 2024

Updated on February 5, 2024