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Electron microscopy platform

microscopie électronique

The GIN electron microscopy platform is dedicated to the ultrastructural study of cells and tissues. This platform is part of the imaging platform for life science (ISdV), which has the IBiSA (Biology, Health and Agronomy Infrastructures) label. It is therefore open to academic users.

Our philosophy is to make the equipment available and to train and supervise users so that they can conduct their research project under the best possible conditions.


Three main techniques are used:

  • Samples are introduced into an EPOXY type resin for morphological studies. Morphometric measurements are used to quantify results.

  • Cryosections are immunolabeled with gold (Tokuyasu technique) to localize proteins at the ultrastructural scale.

  • Negative staining enables the visualization of small biological samples in toto (microtubules, vesicles, exosomes).

Methodological developments are in progress in partnership with the Minatec nanocharacterization platform in order to develop 3D electron microscopy using a scanning microscope equipped with an ion beam (SEM/FIB).

Available equipments

  • Transmission electron microscope (JEOL 1200EX)
  • Digital camera 2k x 2k (Veleta, SIS, Olympus)
  • Vacuum evaporator (JEOL)
  • Ultracryomicrotome (Ultracut S, EM FCS, LEICA)
  • Ultracryomicrotome (UC7, Leica)
  • Freeze-substitution system (FCS, Leica)
  • High pressure freezer (HPM 100, Leica)


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Team members

Platform director:
Karin Pernet Gallay

Technical support:
Anne Bertrand

Bureau 03/014
Poste : 04 56 52 05 20

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Submitted on February 14, 2024

Updated on May 14, 2024