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Old research teams (2016-2023)

The following research teams are not listed in the new quinquennat (2021-2025).

Team "Physiopathologies of the Cytoskeleton"

Director : Annie ANDRIEUX
The team "Physiopathologies of the Cytoskeleton" investigates cytoskeletal microtubules, a major component of neuronal cells. Read more

Team "Cytoskeleton dynamics and structure"

Director : Isabelle Arnal
The team "Cytoskeleton dynamics and structure" is known for its expertise in the analysis of the architecture of the cytoskeleton of the nanoscale to the three-dimensional molecular organization. Read more

Team "Brain stimulation and systems neuroscience"

Director : par Olivier David
The main focus of our team is to understand the common pathophysiological mechanisms between different psychiatric and neurological diseases. Read more

Team "Synchronization and Modulation of Neural Networks in Epilepsy" (SyMoNNE)

Director : Antoine Depaulis
Using the complementarities of experimental and clinical approaches to characterize the neuronal networks involved in the initiation of epileptic seizures and to understand how these networks develop during epileptogenesis. Read more


Team "Neural progenitors and brain pathologies"

Director : Sandrine HUMBERT
Our overall goal is to understand the mechanisms coordinating division, cell fate choices and differentiation of neuronal stem/progenitor cells during development and adulthood. Read more


Submitted on February 14, 2024

Updated on March 8, 2024