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Innovative technologies for a theranostic modulation of neuropathological micro-environment


On September 5, 2024

Séminaire par Gaëlle Offranc Piret (Clinatec, Grenoble)

Electro-magneto-mechanic forces in synergy with molecular and cellular pathways are major drivers of brain diseases. From brain tumor to neurodegenerative diseases, we are failing to develop curative therapies. Exploring inaccessible brain microenvironemnt and using the connected molecular and physical knowledge may be the key to move toward more efficient therapies. Glioblastoma , harboring a 15 month median survival is a paradigmatic disease to develop innovation sharing many mechanisms with other non-tumoral neuropathologies. We have been developing and testing technologies to interface neural tissues at the level of the micro-environment such as graphene nanostructures, spintronic nanoparticles, ultrathin flexible 3D micro wire Micro Electrode Array (MEA) and micro nano porous silicon. We investigated new glioblastoma (GBM) treatments and found (i) the anti-tumoral impact of the graphene nanostructure and the deep brain stimulation (DBS) and (ii) the therapeutical efficacy of magnetic actuation of spintronic nanoparticles. The developed flexible 3D microwire MEA can be used for neural recording as an implant in vivo, or “on chip” for in vitro organoid culture and would allow to identify new electrophysiological biomarkers for neural diseases and the efficacy of treatments. In parallel, other biomarkers can be found using high resolution DTI and FFC-MRI by following the pH and cell invasion/migration within neural tissues. Finally, micro nano porous silicon can be used to collect brain samples from patients with GBM (or pituitary tumors) where biopsy is not feasible, allowing in vitro tumoroid cultures that constitute a unique avatar of the patient disease and compatible with fast-clinical grade single cell analysis. Overall, those neurotechnologies, already clinically transferred or to be clinically transferred, can improve the theragnostic exploration of neuropathological micro-environment through both in vitro and in vivo uses.

Gaëlle Offranc Piret est invitée par Emmanuel Barbier.


On September 5, 2024
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