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Contributions to brain lateralization of language in early bilinguals and denoising of BOLD fMRI signal


On April 4, 2024

Seminar by Maite Termenon (University of Mondragon, Spain)

The purpose of this talk is three-fold. First, I will contextualize the Biomedical Engineering department of Mondragon University, the areas of expertise and the projects we are working on. In the following, I will present ongoing research on brain language lateralization in left- and right-handed bilinguals, using a speech production task designed to assess hemispheric language dominance. Finally, I will address the relevance of performing proper denoising of the BOLD fMRI signal in two applications: breath-hold induced cerebrovascular reactivity in multi-echo fMRI and the use of the fMRI phase signal as a regressor to remove the effect from large vessels and draining veins.

Host : Chantal Delon Martin.


On April 4, 2024
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Submitted on March 8, 2024

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