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The NeuroDocs, PhD students

An activity group created by the Ph.D. students of the Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience. The “NeuroDocs” are behind the "NeuroHebdos" Ph.D. seminars which take place every Tuesday at 1.00 p.m. at the Serge Kampf auditorium (on the 1st floor of the building). The members of the “NeuroDocs” are often asked for and regularly take part in events such as the “Brain Awareness Week” and the “Science Festival”.

This GIN Ph.D. student group is composed of at least one representative from each research team. The representatives of each research team are changed every two years. Since November 2013, the representatives are:

  • Maëlle Gueguen, Rebecca Powell et Julie-Anne Rodier (Responsables NeuroHebdo)
  • Benoit Boulan et Anne-Cécile Chiollaz (Responsables GRACE)
  • Chrystelle Aillaud
  • Anthony Bosson
  • Lucie Dardevet
  • Julie Jonckheere
  • Astrid Kibleur
  • Brice Poreau
  • Muriel Sébastien
  • Lena Trebaul
  • Amandine Virlogeux

Submitted on February 6, 2024

Updated on February 6, 2024