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From neuron to collective cognition, the functions and dysfunctions of the brain and human cognition

CerCoG@UGA (ex NeuroCoG) is an intensive and structured interdisciplinary research and cooperation program on the neurocognitive bases and functional principles of human intelligence, questioning behavioral, cognitive, and cerebral functions and dysfunctions in a broad perspective starting from the neuron and the neural networks to the cognitive functions and social interactions.

The challenges

CerCoG@UGA is organized around ambitious scientific questions on cognitive functions (perception, action, language, memory, attention, learning), the cognitive bases of social interactions, brain diseases, the underlying neuronal processes (cells and networks), and the associated diagnostic and therapeutic issues; with implications for health and disability, education, cognitive technologies, and public policies.


CerCoG@UGA gathers researchers, engineers, and clinicians, who work in teams and laboratories in psychology, neurosciences, biology, chemistry, neuro-technology, language sciences, philosophy, engineering, mathematics, computer science, educational sciences, in an interdisciplinary perspective, essential to approach these infinitely complex systems that are the brain and human cognition.

Updated on September 28, 2023

Key figures

595 members
18 labs structured in 3 axes :
  • brain
  • cognition
  • clinical neuroscience 

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