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The depth of cortical sulci: links with function, connectivity and heritability

le 26 avril 2018

Séminaire d'Olivier Coulon (Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone) : NOUVELLE DATE

It has been shown in the litterature that cortical sulcus morphology can be used as a marker for normal and abnormal cortical development, pathologies, or functional specificities. In this talk I will present a specific aspect of sulcus morphology, namely cortical depth. Through a number of studies, I will try to show that besides being an relevant local or regional feature, cortical depth can be used to identify relevant landmarks on the cortical surface, in order to understand cortical organization or explain part of the large inter-subject cortical variability. I will also discuss the heritability of these landmarks and of depth itself as a phenotype.
Olivier Coulon est invité par Michel Dojat.

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