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Midcingulate Cortex and adaptive behaviours: a sensorimotor perspective

le 6 décembre 2018

Séminaire d'Emmanuel Procyk (Stem Cell & Brain Research Institute, Inserm U1208, Lyon)

Within the primate cortical network, a so-called core network seems to contribute especially to flexible cognition. The midcingulate cortex (MCC) is part of this core network. Neural activity in the MCC is associated with a wide variety of cognitive events especially in the context of decision making, learning, and cognitive flexibility. At the same time these neural correlates are mostly produced in sensorimotor regions of the MCC suggesting, at this level, a direct link between sensorimotor cingulate representations and adaptive decisions. Our research attempts to understand this link and, using multiple approaches and multiple levels of investigation in primates, to describe the mechanisms by which MCC neurons contribute to adaptive behaviours.

Emmanuel Procyk est invité par Julien Bastin.

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