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Transmission of cerebral lesions and of a neurodegenerative process by Alzheimer brains

le 5 décembre 2019

Séminaire de Marc Dhenain (Laboratoire des Maladies Neurodégénératives, CNRS-CEA, Fontenay-aux-Roses)

Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by cognitive alterations, cerebral atrophy and neuropathological lesions including neuronal loss, accumulation of misfolded and aggregated ?-amyloid peptides (A?) and tau proteins. In humans, several studies suggest that administration of compounds contaminated with A? and Tau can induce A? and maybe Tau pathologies. Studying the functional consequences of such contamination is however not easy. Studies in transgenic mice also suggest that administration of such compounds can induce A? and tau pathologies with very limited functional consequences. Unlike rodents, primates naturally express A? or tau under normal conditions. For the first time our group demonstrated long term memory and learning impairments in a non-human primate (Microcebus murinus) following intracerebral injections with Alzheimer human brain extracts. Animals inoculated with Alzheimer brain homogenates displayed progressive cognitive impairments (clinical tests assessing cognitive and motor functions), modifications of neuronal activity (detected by electroencephalography), widespread and progressive cerebral atrophy (in vivo MRI assessing cerebral volume loss), neuronal loss in the hippocampus and entorhinal cortex (post mortem stereology). They displayed parenchymal and vascular A? depositions and tau lesions for some of them. Tau-positive animals had the lowest performances in a memory task and displayed the greatest neuronal loss. Thus Alzheimer brains can induce a clinically relevant encephalopathy after intracerebral inoculation. This raises public health issues.
Marc Dhenain est invité par Alain Buisson.

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