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Translational applications of Intracellular trafficking control

le 20 avril 2023

Séminaire de Franck Perez (Institut Curie, Paris)

To maintain their homeostasis, cells need to interact with the outside environment by exchanging signals, importing nutriments, adhering, or migrating, among other things. Golgi-dependent trafficking plays an essential role in these processes and the underlying complexity of transport routes, in term of mechanism and dynamics, has now clearly been demonstrated.
A few years ago, we developed a synchronized secretory assay, the RUSH system, that we used to investigate transport of cargos to the cell surface and internal compartments. We are now using the RUSH system to explore novel ways to treat human diseases by leveraging the diversity of the secretory pathways. To this end, we have utilized the system for High Content Screening to identify therapeutic molecules that may specifically perturb the transport of proteins involved in human pathologies, and we are now directly using the RUSH system to control and enhance cellular immunotherapy approaches like CAR-T.

Franck Perez est invité par Frédéric Saudou.

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