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Immune-related proteins in neurons: from synapse identities to synaptopathies

le 17 février 2022

Séminaire de Fekrije Selimi (Collège de France, Paris)

The mature brain results from the formation of precise networks between functionally and morphologically distinct types of neurons. A given neuron forms synapses with a limited number of partners and on precise subcellular localizations. Understanding what controls this specificity is mandatory not only to understand brain functions but also the aetiology of synaptopathies such as autism spectrum disorders or schizophrenia. Various molecules define the identity of each type of synapse. Furthermore, neuronal activity-dependent mechanisms sculpt neuronal connectivity and control the plasticity of neuronal networks. We focus on the olivocerebellar network, which is involved in motor control and also in cognitive processes. In this well-characterized circuit, two different excitatory inputs, the climbing fibres and the parallel fibres converge on the same target, the cerebellar Purkinje cells, compete for their non-overlapping territory and possess distinct functional, morphological and molecular characteristics. I will present recent data on the role of immune-related proteins in determining synapse identity and plasticity.

Fekrije Selimi est invitée par Sandrine Humbert.

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