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Super-resolution microscopy: current challenges for integrated structural & cell biology

le 24 octobre 2017

Séminaire de Dominique Bourgeois (IBS, Grenoble).

By allowing the investigation of live samples at the nanoscale, super-resolution fluorescence microscopy is an essential tool to integrate structural and cell biology. Thus, laboratories traditionally focused on near-atomic-scale structural biology now show increased interests in incorporating super-resolution microscopy to their methodological toolbox. Beyond pretty images, one essential aspect of super-resolution microscopy is the possibility to quantitatively evaluate in situ target protein copy numbers, diffusion coefficients, clustering tendencies, or complex formation and stoichiometry. Addressing such questions, however, requires tackling many technical challenges, including those related to the complex photophysics of the employed "smart" labels. This is particularly true of single-molecule localization microscopy (SMLM) approaches, which are fundamentally based on the correct assessment of the subtle behavior of these labels.

In this seminar I will briefly overview the current projects based on PALM/STORM super-resolution microscopy at Institute for Structural Biology, and I will detail some aspects of fluorescent proteins photophysics that complicate quantitative super-resolution imaging.

Dominique Bourgeois est invité par Frédéric Saudou.

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