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Magnetic resonance image analysis of thalamic nuclei at high and ultra-high fields

le 28 juin 2018

Séminaire de Meritxell Bach Cuadra (Université de Lausanne)

The thalamus is a highly complex brain structure built from numerous small nuclei differing between them in both histology and function. Each nucleus projects to different parts of the cortex and therefore, is associated with different neurological function. For this reason, the thalamic nuclei are implicated in a wide range of functional impairments and, as consequence, are of central interest in many neurodegenerative studies and clinical applications. In this talk I will present our recent works on imaging and segmentation of in-vivo human thalamic nuclei at high and ultra-high MR structural imaging. Our segmentation techniques are developed for diffusion MRI (dMRI) at 3T and susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI) at 7T. Our research is done in the clinical context of radio-surgical planning for the treatment of essential tremor.
Meritxell Bach Cuadra est invité par Michel Dojat.

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