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Epigenetics and RNA dynamics in regulating cell functions

le 1 juin 2017
de 11h30 à 12h30

Séminaire de Benoît Laurent (Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School), candidat chef d'équipe

RNA plays critical functions in directing the synthesis of proteins, but there is more to the life of an RNA molecule than simply being a DNA’s copy. RNA biology can be dynamically and quickly regulated in response to specific stimuli. For instance, there is also increasing evidence that dynamic changes of chromatin structure, gene expression or genome stability are regulated by RNA-directed processes. Diverse classes of RNA, ranging from small to long non-coding RNAs, play key roles during differentiation and development. Post-transcriptional modifications in RNA are also engaged in diverse structural, catalytic, and regulatory activities. Many of the 140 types of chemical modifications identified in RNA are involved in fine-tuning gene expression or regulating specific cell functions.

My talk will focus on describing how RNA dynamics can influence epigenetic mechanisms and regulate different cellular functions. I will notably present how RNA and its post-transcriptional modifications participate to DNA damage response to mediate DNA repair and cell survival, and how RNA splicing impacts gene expression and chromatin structure during neuronal differentiation.


Benoît Laurent est invité par Frédéric Saudou.

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