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Digital brain activity and pathology in subjects at-risk for neurodegenerative disease

le 24 novembre 2022

Séminaire de Habib Benali (Université Concordia, Montréal)

The objective of this research program is to better understand brain activity in healthy aging and to shed light on factors predicting conversion to neurodegenerative disease. Indeed, understanding neuronal activity, brain metabolism and patho-physiological process will enable the development of innovative computational models by combining biological and biomedical images from the basic modelling of the brain's anatomo-functional networks to models of tau protein accumulation. In such “virtual brain activity and pathology” environment, the outcome of brain disease development for individual subjects can be foreseen by simulations. Numerical simulation tools would allow prediction of the progress of the disease as well as an understanding of its causes, which remain uncertain. This computational approach is a new paradigm of the study of the patho-physiological process in healthy aging of subjects at-risk for neurodegenerative disease. This approach, referred to as “predictive physiopathology”, offer better health through prevention.

Habib Benali est invité par Benjamin Lemasson et Michel Dojat.

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