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Cytoskeletal control of the axon initial segment formation

le 5 janvier 2017
de11h30 à 12h30

Séminaire d'Amélie Fréal (Université d'Utrecht, Pays-Bas)

Résumé en anglais

The axon initial segment (AIS) is required for generating action potentials and maintaining neuronal polarity. Significant progress has been made in deciphering the basic building blocks composing the AIS, but the underlying mechanisms required for AIS formation remains unclear. The scaffolding protein ankyrin-G is the master-organizer of the AIS. Microtubules and their interactors, particularly end-binding proteins (EBs), have emerged as potential key players in AIS formation. Here, we show that the longest isoform of ankyrin-G(480AnkG) selectively associates with EBs via its specific tail domain and that this interaction is crucial for AIS formation and neuronal

polarity in cultured rodent hippocampal neurons. EBs are essential for 480AnkG localization and stabilization at the AIS, whereas 480AnkG is required for the specific accumulation of EBs in the proximal axon. Our findings thus provide a conceptual framework for understanding how the cooperative relationship between 480AnkG and EBs induces the assembly of microtubule-AIS structures in the proximal axon.

Amélie Fréal est invitée par Annie Andrieux.
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