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Anatomical and Functional Neuroimaging of the Marmoset Brain

le 27 juin 2018

Séminaire d'Afonso Silva (Laboratory of Functional and Molecular Imaging, NINDS, Bethesda, USA)

The common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) is a small New World monkey that has gained significant recent interest in neuroscience research, due in great part for its compatibility with gene editing techniques, but also due to its tremendous versatility as an experimental animal model. Neuroimaging modalities, including anatomical (MRI) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), complemented by two-photon laser scanning microscopy and electrophysiology, have been at the forefront of unraveling the anatomical and functional organization of the marmoset brain. High resolution anatomical MRI of the marmoset brain can be obtained with remarkable cytoarchitectonic detail. Functional MRI of the marmoset brain has been used to study various sensory systems, including somatosensory, auditory and visual pathways, while resting-state fMRI studies have unraveled functional brain networks that bear great correspondence to those previously described in humans. Two-photon laser scanning microscopy of the marmoset brain has enabled the simultaneous recording of neuronal activity from thousands of neurons with single cell spatial resolution. In this talk, we will review the main results obtained by our group and our colleagues in applying neuroimaging techniques to study the marmoset brain.


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Afonso Silva est invité par Emmanuel Barbier.

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