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3D imaging after clearing: theory and applications

le 4 octobre 2018

Séminaire de Paolo Giacobini (Centre de recherche Jean-Pierre Aubert, Inserm U1172, Lille)

Histology has been a golden tool for biological research for decades. Nevertheless, whole organ histology is extremely time and resource consuming and most of the time impossible due to the distortions and lack of algorithms to correctly align thousands of sections.

Recently developed tissue clearing methods coupled with laser-scanning microscopy made it possible to explore intact organs and to accurately acquire complete histological information about labeled cells/molecules in large tissues, including their spatial density and distribution.

In this talk, theory and applications of tissue-clearing and volume imaging in Neuroscience will be introduced. Novel data will be presented to show how this technique can be adapted to human tissues for volume imaging during fetal development as well as in adult post-mortem tissues, with particular emphasis on the development and 3D organization of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis.


Paolo Giacobini est invité par Sandrine Humbert.

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