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Study of the hypothalamic control of the respiratory function


In this study, we aim to use deep brain stimulation (DBS) to map areas of the hypothalamus that may be involved in control of breathing, and therefore determine the potential targets of DBS to treat central hypoventilation.


We propose a Master 2 study on the involvement of the hypothalamus in breathing control. This work will be carried out under the direction of Dr Brigitte Piallat of the GIN with Dr Florence Cayetanot of the UMR-S1158 Inserm-Sorbonne University who will co-supervise this work. This pilot study is funded by the CCHS (congenital central hypoventilation syndrome) foundation. DBS emerges as a treatment option of motor disorders in many neurological diseases (i.e. Parkinson’s disease). More recently, it is tested in different parts of the brain to address other symptoms such as hypertension, obesity or sleep disorders. We aim to determine if DBS in the hypothalamus could modulate breathing, and if yes, which hypothalamic areas would be the most relevant potential targets to enhance ventilation in CCHS patients.
If hypothalamic DBS improves breathing, this technique may be considered as a new treatment option of hypoventilation for patients with CCHS. Furthermore, mapping hypothalamic areas involved in control of breathing will open up large windows of research to unknown and/or even unexpected aspects of the tangled mechanisms of brain control of breathing.


In 2 non human primates, chronic electrodes will be implanted for measurement of neurological and respiratory parameters (respiratory rate, inspiratory time, PO2 and PCO2 values). The lateral hypothalamus involvement in breathing and sleep/wake behavior will be studied by analyzing the local field potentials at baseline and after stimulation during different periods of the sleep/wake cycles.


  • Loiseau C, Casciato A, Barka B, Cayetanot F, Bodineau L. Orexin Neurons Contribute to Central Modulation of Respiratory Drive by Progestins on ex vivo Newborn Rodent Preparations. Front Physiol. 2019

Domaines d'expertise requis

neurophysiology, non human primate experiments, respiratory physiology, electrophysiology


B. Piallat, MCF UGA
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