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Neurobiological mechanisms of neuropsychiatric effects of subthalamic deep brain stimulation


Dissecting brain circuits involving the Subthalamic Nucleus in order to elucidate the mechanisms underlying the effect of Subthalamic Deep Brain Stimulation.


Apathy, or loss of motivation, is a major side effect of Subthalamic Nucleus Deep Brain Stimulation. (STN-DBS), a neurosurgical therapy that alleviates the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease (1). However, the mechanisms underlying this motivational outcome of STN-DBS remains to be elucidated. Stimulation or current spread to the limbic territory of the STN is one possible explanation for the effect of STN-DBS on motivation. The limbic STN is connected to many key structures orchestrating reward related behaviors, including the Ventral Pallidum (VP). The VP is a critical node in the reward system and is receiving increasing attention (2). The overarching aim of this project is to test in a rodent model how STN-DBS affects the VP to STN pathway and how does it account for the loss of motivation induced by STN-DBS.


We will combine a battery of behavioral tasks (1), and chemogenetic, a gold-standard technique to modulate brain circuit activity (3), in order to characterize the behavioral effect of VP-STN pathway inhibition.


  • R. Goutaudier et al., Biorxiv 10.1101/2021. 12.24.474124, 2021.2012.2024.474124 (2021)

Domaines d'expertise requis

Theoretical behavioral neuroscience; Theoretical Neurobiology Knowledges in cellular biology and physiology; Microsoft Office; Project leadership


Y. Vachez (CR Inserm)
Email :
Phone : 0456520667


Mise à jour le 8 juillet 2022


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