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Metabolomic characterization of a new model of neuropsychiatric symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in rat


Characterize a metabolic profile of a new rat model of neuropsychiatric symptoms of PD (with a metabolomic approach using NMR spectroscopy) in order to better understand these symptoms and to find biomarkers of them.


Beyond well-known motor symptoms, Parkinson’s disease patients also express extremely invalidating neuropsychiatric disorders. Among them, depression, anxiety and apathy are the most frequently observed. These symptoms could be expressed in the early phases of the disease or later, after the application of deep brain stimulation. The pathophysiological mechanisms which underlie their appearance in PD are currently not really understood and the treatments proposed to the patients not really efficient. Thus, by combining molecular, cellular and integrated approaches, our laboratory try to better understand these mechanisms.
Within the framework of the M2 internship proposed here, the student will work on a new model of neuropsychiatric symptoms of PD that we recently developed in the rat in order to define a specific metabolic profile of these troubles. The study will imply longitudinal NMR analyses of serum samples in order to promote transposability of our results in clinical study. NMR analyses (F. Fauvelle) will be confronted to behavioral and neuroanatomical data (S. Boulet) to try to highlight correlations between these different parameters and thus define clear metabolic biomarkers of neuropsychiatric symptoms of PD. Further analyses will also be performed on intact brain tissue samples using HRMAS NMR (high resolution magic angle spinning) in order to explore striatum metabolism. This study will require adjustments of NMR protocol and an important part of statistical treatment of NMR data.


High resolution NMR and multivariate statistical analyses of the data
Stereotaxic surgery to induce rat model and Immunohistochemistry validation of the lesion
Behavioral analysis of motor and neuropsychiatric state of the animals


  • Carnicella S, Drui G, Boulet S, Carcenac C, Favier M, Duran T, Savasta M (2014) Implication of dopamine D3 receptor activation in the reversion of Parkinson’s disease-related motivational deficits. Transl psychiatry 4, e401
  • Drui G*, Carnicella S*, Carcenac C, Favier M, Bertrand A, Boulet S, Savasta M (2014) Loss of dopaminergic nigrostriatal neurons accounts for the motivational and affective deficits in Parkinson's disease. Mol Psychiatry 19:358-367
  • Fauvelle, F., boccard, J., Cavarec, F., Depaulis, A. and Deransart, C. (2015) Assessing susceptibility to epilepsy in three rat strains using brain metabolic profiling based on HRMAS NMR spectroscopy and chemometric. J. Proteome Res., 14(5), 2177-89.


Sabrina Boulet, MCU UGA et Florence Fauvelle, CR
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