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Impact of Alzheimer’s disease-related tau mutations on the cytoskeleton homeostasis


Our objective is to characterize how pathological mutants of tau, a major neuronal microtubule-associated protein, affect the dynamic properties of microtubules and actin filaments.


Tau is a microtubule-associated protein abundant in neurons, where it promotes microtubule assembly and bundling, and contributes to axonal transport and synaptic function. Tau dysfunction and aggregation are main hallmarks of neurodegenerative diseases called tauopathies, Alzheimer’s disease being the most emblematic one. In pathological conditions, tau undergoes modifications, including abnormal phosphorylation, truncation and/or mutations, eventually leading to its aggregation. Tau aggregation has long been considered as one major cause of neurodegeneration. However, soluble modified forms of tau appear to be toxic species still being able to bind microtubules and impairing neuronal function, albeit mechanisms of this toxicity remain poorly explored. During internship, student will study the effect of toxic species of tau on MT and actin organization and behavior using biomimetic assays and advanced-light microscopy techniques.


Protein expression and purification; in vitro biomimetic assays; TIRF (Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence) microscopy


  • Stoppin-Mellet V, Bagdadi N, Saoudi Y, Arnal I(2020) Studying Tau-Microtubule Interaction Using Single-Molecule TIRF Microscopy. Methods Mol Biol. 2101:77.
  • Prezel E, Elie A, Delaroche J, Stoppin-Mellet V, Bosc C, Serre L, Fourest-Lieuvin A, Andrieux A, Vantard M and Arnal I (2018) Tau can switch microtubule network organizations: from random networks to dynamic and stable bundles Mol Biol Cell 29(2): 154.
  • Elie A, Prezel E, Guérin C, Denarier E, Ramirez-Rios S, Serre L, Andrieux A, Fourest-Lieuvin A, Blanchoin L, Arnal I (2015) Tau co-organizes dynamic microtubule and actin networks Sci Rep. 5:9964.

Domaines d'expertise requis

Biology of the neuron; fundamentals of the cytoskeleton; fundamentals of biochemistry; fluorescence microscopy


V. Stoppin-Mellet, MCU UGA
Email :
Tél : 04 56 52 06 89

Mise à jour le 26 juin 2020


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