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Immunogold labelling and correlative optical/electron microscopy to visualize synaptic modifications


Identiy the proteins that are localized in synaptic spinules.


Excitatory synapses of the brain harbour dynamic cytoskeletal networks that drive structural modifications essential to long-term memory. Detailed images of these networks and their surrounding structure are necessary to understand the structural basis of synaptic plasticity. To obtain such images, Electron Microscopy (EM) remains unmatched in terms of resolution.
Here we will focus on a particular structure revealed by electron microscopy : the synaptic spinule which consists of a double-membrane invagination inside 70 % of synaptic terminals. If their morphology has been described in detail, their function remain undetermined. Therefore, we will try to identify the proteins that are localised in these structures both by immuno-gold labelling on cryosections as well as by expressing GFP proteins together with a genetically encoded tag (Apex) that could be visualised by EM after a revelation.


Samples will be frozen in liquid nitrogen, ultrathin sections will be done with an ultra-cryomicrotome and sections will be labelled with antibodies. Alternatively, neurons will be transfected with the GFP-protein of interest together with Apex-GBP, le neurons will be imaged by optical microscopy before embedding in epoxy resin. The same cell will be observed by EM


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Karin Pernet Gallay, IR2 Inserm
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