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Exploring relationships between tubulin (de)tyrosination, microtubule behavior and autophagy


Assessment of autophagy in the brain and heart of mice with impaired microtubule (de)tyrosination.
Evaluation and modulation of autophagy in healthy hippocampal neurons and in the cellular context of Alzheimer's disease.


Autophagy is one of the two most important proteolytic systems in the cell and plays a role in many physiological and pathophysiological processes. Microtubules are dynamic cytoskeletal fibers formed from tubulin dimers that have versatile architectures and functions in cells. In particular, they are involved in cellular trafficking and autophagosome formation. The detyrosination/tyrosination cycle, a post-translational modification of tubulin, plays an important role in the transport of cellular organelles and may therefore be involved in autophagy processes. This cycle is controlled by several enzymes among which are the tubulin tyrosine ligase (TTL) and several tubulin carboxypeptidases, the VASH1/2-SVBP complexes and MATCAP which we recently identified (Science 2017, 2022). We are interested in understanding the links between (de)tyrosination mediated by these different enzymes, microtubule behavior and autophagy.


Preparation of protein extracts, immunoblots, cell culture, immunofluorescence, proximity ligation assay, transfection, infection.



Domaines d'expertise requis

Biochemistry, cell biology, microtubule, neuron


Marie-Jo Moutin (DR CNRS)
Email :
Phone : 04 56 52 05 44


Mise à jour le 8 juillet 2022


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