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Deciphering the gene-environment interaction in neuronal aging and Parkinson’s disease


The goal of this study is to identify genetic and environmental cues driving the senescence of neurons in both healthy aging and in the context of Parkinson’s disease.


Aging is the greatest risk factor for developing neurodegenerative disorders including Parkinson’s disease. Everyone ages differently and the quality of our cerebral functions is conditioned by the intricate interaction of our genetic background and the exposure to environmental cues. The identification of these factors and the study of their contribution is essential to better understand brain aging and to possibly explain the development of sporadic forms of Parkinson. However, to date, this key question remains understudied mostly because of inter-individual differences in both healthy and pathological aging.


The M2 student will perform the following techniques: cell culture, neuronal culture preparations, tissue extraction, immunostaining, microscopy, image analysis, protein dosage, and western blot, senescence assays, bioinformatics, RNA-sequencing.



Domaines d'expertise requis

No specific prior expertise is needed. The student will learn what is new for her/him.


M. Decressac (Inserm Researcher/Group leader)
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Mise à jour le 8 juillet 2022


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