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Cerebral cooling for the treatment of intractable epilepsy


The objective of the project is to evaluate in awake GAERS rats whether a local cortical cooling would lead to the modulation of epileptic discharges.


Epilepsy-absences characterized by bilateral, symmetrical and synchronous wave-point discharges results in a brief contact break. Considerable advances have been made in recent years in understanding these epilepsies and animal models (GAERS rats) have been developed to study the physiological mechanisms underlying the genesis of seizures. Despite the existence of many treatments, 9% of epilepsies proved to be drug-resistant and inoperable. Thermal neuromodulation represents a therapeutic alternative. Indeed, the use of a thermoelectric device responsible for local cooling of the cortex at a temperature of 25°C has been shown to suppress epileptic discharges without causing permanent neuronal damage (Fujii et al., 2010). Since 2016, a CMEMS Portuguese team has been developing a small implantable micro-cooler for the future use of wireless energy transfer to meet clinical needs. We tested this device on cortical EEG activity in anesthetized rats and found it was suitable for future neuromodulation studies of epileptic seizures in the awake rats.


Extracellular electrophysiology in awake rat – EEG – Rat model of epilepsy


  • Depaulis A, David O, Charpier S. The genetic absence epilepsy rat from Strasbourg as a model to decipher the neuronal and network mechanisms of generalized idiopathic epilepsies. J Neurosci Methods. 2016 Feb 15;260:159-74
  • Saillet S, Gharbi S, Charvet G, Deransart C, Guillemaud R, Depaulis A, David O. Neural adaptation to responsive stimulation: A comparison of auditory and deep brain stimulation in a rat model of absence epilepsy. Brain Stimulation. 2013;6 (3):241–247


Véronique Coizet, CR1 Inserm
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