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GIN - Équipe "Neuroimagerie fonctionnelle et perfusion cérébrale"

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Bureau principal

Bureau principal
04 56 52 06 04

Thèmes de recherche et activités

     Medical imaging has grown considerably over the past 20 years, notably with the democratization of MRI, both in clinical and preclinical settings. These technological developments  have been accompanied by the development of new analytical methods allowing manual or automatic extraction of quantitative information from these images. Ultimately, many studies have shown correlations between some of these metrics and a diagnosis or pathological evolution. These metrics are commonly referred to as imaging biomarkers.
    My work is focused on the development and the validation of new imaging biomarkers in clinical and preclinical studies. More specifically, my research themes relate to i) the development and the validation of new MRI acquisition methods, ii) the development of analysis methods dedicated to medical imaging based on artificial intelligence tools such as machine learning and/or deep learning and iii) the development of software tools facilitating the routine preclinical and clinical use of all these developments. Although the majority of my published work focuses on MRI and glioblastomas (preclinical / clinical), my current and future research will focus on other imaging modalities (including CT-scan) and other pathologies (traumatic brain injury and stroke).

Fonctions et responsabilités

Chargé de Recherche INSERM

Discipline(s) enseignée(s)

Radiologie et imagerie médicale, Biophysique et imagerie médicale, Biostatistiques, informatique médicale et technologies de communication, Cancérologie ; radiothérapie (2 options)

Curriculum vitae

2016 / now Chargé de Recherche (eq. Associate Professor)
INSERM U836,Team "Functional NeuroImaging and Brain perfusion", Grenoble, France
Research topics:  Developments in imaging biomarkers applied to brain pathologies using artificial intelligence tools
key words : Brain, MRI, CT-scan, Stroke, glioma, traumatic brain injury, machine learning, deep learning

Lab. Director: E. Barbier

2019  Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR) in medicine
Université Grenoble Alpes, France
Developments in imaging biomarkers applied to brain pathologies

2012 – 2015 Research fellow
INSERM U836,Team "Functional NeuroImaging and Brain perfusion", Grenoble, France
Advisor: E. Barbier

2010 – 2012 Research fellow
University of Michigan, department of Radiology, MI, USA
Advisor: C.J Gàlban & B. Ross

2007 – 2010 PhD thesis
INSERM U836,Team "Functional NeuroImaging and Brain perfusion", Grenoble, France
Topic: MRI and biological study of the therapeutic response of a treatment combining antiangiogenic agents and/or radiotherapy in models of gliomas in rats
Advisor: C. Rémy

2006 Master internship
INSERM U594, Grenoble, France (6 months)
Topic : Relation between changes in microvasculature detected by MRI and evolutions of the expression of the main angiogenic factors on two different rat brain tumors
Advisor: S. Valable

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