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Page personnelle de Florence Fauvelle

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GIN - Plateforme IRMaGe
GIN - Équipe "Neuroimagerie fonctionnelle et perfusion cérébrale"

Informations de contact

GIN, Batiment Edmond J. Safra

Chemin Fortuné Ferrini

38700 La Tronche

Bureau principal

Bureau principal
04 56 52 06 00

Thèmes de recherche et activités

I am mainly involved in metabolomics studies of human and animal brain. My main research projects are on Parkinson’s disease and focal epilepsy.

- Concerning Parkinson’s disease (PD), I conducted a large translational study of the different phases of PD, in collaboration with S. Boulet from Carnicella’s team (team “physiopathology of motivation”). This study included three different animal models and two de novo PD patient cohorts. We discovered a new blood biomarker exhibiting a high accuracy for de novo PD diagnosis and may possibly predict early PD development, before motor symptoms. This biomarker is being patented. We are now recruiting late and de novo PD patients at CHUGA (Grenoble Alpes hospital) through the BIOPARK clinical project.

On the mechanistic side of the project, we are now trying to dysregulate/upregulate some metabolic pathways which could be involved in the metabolic perturbations observed.

This project has been funded by foundation France Parkinson, by the Parkinson’s Disease Biomarkers Program (PDBP) Consortium, supported by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke at the National Institutes of Health, by CHUGA, by IXXI (Complex system institute).

Mallet D., Dufourd T., Decourt M, Carcenac C., Bossù P., Verlin L., Fernagut P.O., Benoit-Marand M., Spalletta G., Barbier E.L., Carnicella S., Sgambato V., Fauvelle F.*, Boulet S.* (co-senior authors). A metabolic biomarker predict Parkinson’s disease at early stages in patients and in animal models, Journal of Clinical Investigations DOI: 10.1172/JCI146400, 2022.

Mallet D., Goutaudier R., Dufourd T., Barbier EL., Carnicella S., Colca JR., Fauvelle F.* Boulet S.* (* Co-senior authors). Re-routing metabolism by the mitochondrial pyruvate carrier inhibitor MSDC-0160 attenuates neurodegeneration in a rat model of Parkinson’s disease, Molecular Neurobiology, DOI: 10.1007/s12035-022-02962-9, 2022.


- Concerning focal epilepsy, the main objective of my research is to better delineate the epileptic zone (EZ) using NMR spectroscopy. First, an unbiased strategy based in ex vivo NMR-based metabolomics, followed by in vivo NMR spectroscopy, has suggested that GABA was a biomarker that accurately define the epileptogenic zone (EZ) in a mouse model of focal epilepsy (the kainate mouse model). We are now developing in vivo spectroscopic imaging of GABA in the same animal model.

Hamelin S., Stupar V., Maziere L., Guo J., Labriji W., Liu C., Bretagnolle L., Parrot S., Barbier EL., Depaulis A.*, Fauvelle F* (co-senior authors). In vivo GABA increase as a biomarker of the epileptogenic zone: an unbiased metabolomics approach, Epilepsia, 2020.

This project has been funded by FFRE as Metab-O-Epi (Fondation française pour la recherche sur l’épilepsie, 2017-2020, co-PI), by FLI (France Life Imaging): GABA-MAP (2022-2024).


Discipline(s) enseignée(s)

I teach metabolomics in master 2 at University Grenoble Alpes

UE High throughput biology, NMR-based metabolomics.

UE Cancer desease, Metabolomics in cancer research

Curriculum vitae

I am specialized in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) of small molecules, mainly in biomedical research field.

From 1990 to 2013, I worked in a Biophysics laboratory of French defence ministry, at La Tronche, as scientist. During my PhD at (UGA, University Grenoble Alpes, 1999), I studied weak interactions of small molecules with macromolecules using multinuclear NMR (1H, 31P, 2H, 13C), i.e. interactions of drugs with membranes using synthetic liposomes (uni- and multi-lamelar vesicles), of drugs with cyclic polysaccharides (cyclodextrin), and of drugs with small oligonucleotides. I was also manager of the NMR platform, which gathered two Bruker spectrometer (400 MHz and 600 MHz), each of them equipped with a HRMAS (high resolution magic angle spinning) probehead. We were also one of the first laboratory equipped with a sample jet for HRMAS, cooled at -20°C for high-throughput HRMAS NMR.

In 2006, I started with metabolomics studies of brain, and I become specialized in HRMAS NMR. I participated to the development of algorithm to quantify HRMAS NMR spectra using semi-automatic methods (jMRUI) in collaboration with D. Graveron from Lyon University.

I mainly studied epilepsy in an animal model of status epilepticus, in collaboration with a team of defence ministry who worked on brain consequences of intoxication with organophophorus compounds. Using metabolomics, we identified the main metabolic consequences of intoxication, and we showed that ketamine was neuroprotective.

I graduated the “Habilitation to direct research” degree at UGA in 2010, and “Habilitation to direct animal experiments” in 2011.

In 2013 I joined the Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience (GIN) and the IRMaGe facility as senior scientist. I am in charge of the metabolomics activity at IRMaGE, and I do research in the “Neuroimaging and brain perfusion team” at GIN. My main research concern NMR-based metabolomics, in pre-clinical studies (rat and mouse models) and in human (tissue from surgery, biofluids..) in normal and pathological conditions. I have also several projects in cancer metabolomics on cells, on patient samples (e.g. cells from acute leukemia) and on cell lines.



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