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GIN - Équipe "Neuroimagerie fonctionnelle et perfusion cérébrale"

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INSERM Research Director

Curriculum vitae

Since 1980, my field of expertise has mainly involved integrative Neuroscience and has aimed at characterizing the neural circuits of brain pathologies like the epilepsies.

Since 1994, my work has been focused on the characterization of circuits that generate or control epileptic seizures. This research has required the development of two original models of chronic epilepsy that I characterized with my group : (i) the « Genetic Absence Epilepsy Rat from Strasbourg » (GAERS) and (ii) the mouse model of mesiotemporal lobe epilepsy (KA-MTLE mouse), induced in mice by an intrahippocampal injection of kainate.

The research of my team in Strasbourg (1994-2003), and then Grenoble (2003-2020), has contributed to the demonstration that the thalamo-cortical circuit is involved in the generation of absence seizures in GAERS. More recently we have demonstrated the critical role of the anterior part (barrel field) of the somatosensory cortex in absence seizure initiation in GAERS and its abnormal development during cortical maturation.

Similarly, we have characterized, within the hippocampus, neuroplasticity processes (BDNF, Reelin, glial cells, microglia) involved in the development of an aberrant neural and astroglial network that generate focal seizures in the KA-MTLE mouse.

We have also demonstrated the role of the basal ganglia and dopamine in the control of epileptic seizures. This was validated in different animal models, as well as in some epileptic patients, in collaboration with clinicians. It constitutes the rationale background of deep brain stimulations of the substantia-nigra for the treatment of drug-resistant forms of epilepsies that cannot be treated by resective surgery.

More recently, we demonstrated the potential therapeutic effects of synchrotron-generated irradiations of X-ray microbeams (MRT) applied on brain structures initiating seizures in animal models. I am coordinating a consortium of experts in Grenoble with the objective to perform a first-in-man clinical trial to demonstrate the potential use of MRT to treat focal drug-resistant epilepsies. 

Since 1982, my work has generated 172 articles in peer-reviewed international journals, up to 30 book chapters and more than 100 conferences. These publications are regularly cited (Total citations > 11,000; H index =60, as of January 2023).

I have supervised 26 PhD students and postdocs since 1980.

I have obtained 27 different research grants (ANR, Europe, FUI, Region, Foundations) since 1990 and have been the principal investigator for 18 of them.  

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