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Myonuclei Organization in Mature Muscle Fibers: a matter of Microtubules and Maps? CANCELLED

on the June 18, 2020

Due to current limitations regarding meetings in conference rooms, the seminar by Vincent Gache (Institut NeuroMyoGene, Inserm U1217, Lyon) is cancelled and will be re-scheduled for a later date.

Skeletal muscle fiber is a syncytium made by the fusion of hundreds of specialized cells. Fusing cells events result in the formation of multinucleated cells where microtubules network is dramatically remodeled compared to “conventional” mononucleated cells, as the membrane of nuclei become the major microtubule nucleation center. Microtubule associated proteins and motors have been shown to shape in the early step of muscle fibers formation this new microtubule network, that in turn position nuclei (myonuclei). Indeed, during the maturation of muscle fibers, myonuclei spread at the periphery of muscle fibers and some of them clustered in specifics areas such as the neuromuscular junctions. The molecular machinery maintaining peripheral myonuclei in a precise positioning along mature muscle fibers remains largely unknown.
To identify mechanisms that contribute to the organization of the microtubule network in mature skeletal muscle fiber, we performed a siRNA screen on subset of microtubule associated candidates in a original in vitro model that allow the formation of mature muscle cells. Using this approach, we identified two Maps: MACF1 and Numa1 as conserved actors in skeletal muscle fibers that control microtubule dynamics and thus myonuclei positioning in specific area in skeletal muscles fibers.

Host: Isabelle Marty.

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Amphi Kampf
Updated on June 10, 2020

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