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Introducing new ex vivo NMR tools for metabolomics of microsamples

on the February 8, 2018

Seminar by Alan Wong (CEA Saclay)

The metabolome, which is the total pool of metabolites produced by a cell, is a step nearer actual function of cells than genome and transcriptome, and is closely linked to phenotype. The study of metabolome using 1H HR-MAS (High-Resolution Magic-Angle Spinning) for heterogeneous biospecimens like biopsies and cells has found success owing to its unprocessed nature on the sample and the simplicity of data acquisition. However, NMR is an insensitive spectroscopic technique, it relies on ‘bulk’ specimens, typically 10-20 mg per HR-MAS data. This essentially losses the localized-information of a specimen. One possibility is to be able to analyze microscopic quantities (µg). This offers a direct metabolic investigation of a more regional and homogenous specimens, and also renders the possibility of eliminating extensive samplings and data analyses. Here, I will present the journey of developing µMAS probes that are capable of acquiring high-quality spectral data for metabolomic investigations of very small samples, up to single cell (neuron). I will also briefly introduce a localized technique for the possibility of localizing metabolic profiling of bulk biospecimens, like microorganisms (C. elegans).

Host: Florence Fauvelle.

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