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Functional and neurophysiological basis of pathological repetitive behaviors

le 17 novembre 2016
de 11h30 à 12h30

Séminaire d'Eric Burguière (ICM, Paris)

Increasing evidence points to abnormalities in cortico-basal ganglia circuitry as central to the pathophysiology of disorder characterized by repetitive behaviors, such as Tourette syndrome or Obsessive compulsive disorder. Parallels between the emergence of repetitive actions and the acquisition of automated behaviors suggest that their expression could in part involve loss of control of such habitual behaviors. I will address these question by presenting studies where we developed an optogenetic approach to block maladaptive compulsive behavior in a mouse model. We identified in this model a selective deficit in behavioral response inhibition that could be restored with selective optogenetic stimulation of the orbitofronto-striatal pathway. I will also discuss our current translational approach, in patients and animal model, aiming at better characterizing the functional and mechanistic processes that could underlie repetitive behaviors.

Eric Burguière est invité par Sébastien Carnicella.

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