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Reconstructing the neurocytoskeleton outside the neurons


The main objectives of this project are 1) to reconstitute in a cell free environment, the main actin networks found in neurons and 2) to determine if proteins involved in brain diseases (such as MAP6, tau) are able to remodel and impact the actin dynamics.


The cell cytoskeleton regulates many major biological functions such as cell differentiation, cell migration and immune response to name a few. Interestingly, actin filaments and microtubules are coordinated and this is key for many cellular functions in eukaryotic cells like neurons that are highly specialized cells extending long processes, axons and dendrites, responsible for nerve cell communication. In many brain diseases, the cytoskeleton in neurons is disturbed and proteins such as MAP6 and tau, that can be colocalized with the cytoskeleton (actin and/or microtubules), are mutated or have an altered expression profile. However, it is not clear to what extent MAP6 and tau are able to directly affect the organization and the dynamic properties of actin filaments and/or microtubules. Our objective is to determine the molecular impact of MAP6 and tau on the cytoskeleton remodeling in cell-free systems reconstituted from purified proteins. This Learning-By-Building bottom-up approach will allow us to decipher the precise molecular mechanisms induced by the proteins of interest on the cytoskeleton remodeling.


Protein expression (bacteria, yeast) and purification (ion exchange, gel filtration, polymerization strategy), protein labelling, SDS-PAGE. Imaging (video-microscopy, TIRF). Analysis (ImageJ, R).


Requested domains of expertise

Cytoskeleton dynamics, protein biochemistry, neurobiology, photonic microscopy.


Adrien Antkowiak, MCF, UGA
Email :
Phone : 33 (0)4 56 52 05 65


Updated on June 24, 2021

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