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Deciphering axon guidance mechanisms during CNS regeneration


The objective of the M2 internship is to decipher the molecular and cellular mechanisms of axon guidance during the regeneration of the central nervous system


The central nervous system is not able to regenerate spontaneously after a traumatic injury or a neurodegenerative disease. We found out that manipulating neurons, we could achieve long distance regeneration, from the eye to the brain. Surprisingly we found out that regenerative axons present strong projection defect that could contribute to the lack of functional recovery. We aim to understand axon guidance modalities in the visual system after optic nerve injury in order to connect the neurons from the retina to their proper brain target and allow mice to see again. To do so we use a combination of in vivo mice models of axon regeneration and ex vivo experiments that involved neuronal tissues cultures, imaging, biochemistry and behavior analysis.


microscopy (light sheet, confocal, epifluorescence), histology (immunofluorescence, in situ hybridization), primary cultures (retina explants, neuron culture), biochemistry (westernblot, immunoprecipitation), molecular biology (genotyping, cloning).


Requested domains of expertise

Biochemistry, neuroscience, molecular biology, cellular biology.


Homaira Nawabi, Researcher/Group leader, Inserm
Email :
Phone : 33 (0)7 68 97 36 64


Updated on June 24, 2021

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